A good old mumbling rant from JJ

So u can't really escape that that the election has turned to a load of bollocks can ya? You also have to wonder why Aunty Helen needs a magnifying glass too ... doesn't she know where to look? Oh maybe she was refering to ACTs polling size?

Feed my frankenstein !

Blue for that matter doesn't really suit me but whatever, if the shirt fits wear it? God I'm rambling again. I need sugar. Or beer.

So like Trent Reznor sometimes sings, "What have I become" - Today I was typing away I edited myself. 'Complainant' became 'service user' - All because I thought it sounded nice. What have I become indeed - I am Mr PC, the ultimate king of correct! Don't worry I haven't turned completely to the Dark Side. Yet. The force is strong with this one.....

Speaking of Meat Loaf, when is he gonna release a new album?

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Anonymous said...

But Johnny Cash said it so much better