The Weekend that was ( Extended Remix)

So like well not being able to blog from the safety of one's own office is kind of a drag. So postage rates are slipping. And dammit public computers sux ass too. The G key is useles on this computer. U have to hit the G hard. But if u think about it that's a good philosophy for life really.

One should always strive to hit the G spot.

Moving on. Friday - too tired to go out. Unfreakin believeable I know. Or perhaps it was a case of bein whipped and having 'stay in plans'. Either way I was asleep by 11pm.

Sat Dai- I am addicted to Halo 2. There endeth the day.

Sat Evening - To Charlie Chickens and his Moo for wine and cheese. I ate the hummis. ood evening - got slightly rather toasted on er... Jacobs Creek. - Actually I really enjoyed the wine. Cheap ut good. Now I note the ee is rooted too. This place sux.

Sunday - Best Day of the Weekend. Hanover ? What hanover? ot up played X Box. Then went to Scorchin Bay - well it wasn't scorching but Jay Bee looks fantastic in a bikini so it was well worth it. Home to watch Million Dollar Baby on the couch (Well she was in a bikini). Also got the DVD of the same name.

Clint Eastwood is the MAN. Morgan Freeman is the MAN. Oh and the girl who didn't cry (paraphrasin Tom Hanks, as there's no crying in boxing), well, she was the MAN too.

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