Fire away, Fay Wray

So its funny how you never hear of cool people till they are dead. Who knew that Link Wray invented the power chord? Hell, other than Quentin Tarantino 'who lives for that shit*', who had even heard of this guy?

A poem for a dead guy

Link Wray
Power chords did he play
Now he's dead
No more tunes in his head

In a slight tangent, I think the guitar tuning arrangement 'Drop D' would be a cool ironic name for a Gangster Rapper. Especially if Fiddy Cent put some caps in his ass yo'.

Hmmm 50 cent mixtures.

*To paraphrase xXx


ekg said...

I knew who Link Ray was - his album is a favouite in my flat - pretty hard to find but you might be able to pick it up from groovy at import price.

What am i saying? Now thats he'e dead your local sounds store will get it in.

I guess that backs up your theory then...

Jimmy Jangles said...

EKG, so lovely of you to drop buy!