Where's the Beef?

I don't recall on having blogged/b'arched on any thing mildy political lately but the fact the SPCA (a body with I understand some kind of legislative powers) has put out the call for farmers to put their milking cows on diets because they are fat is just freakin nonsense. Somebody call Wayne Mapp!

From Stuff : "SPCA national education manager Sara Elliott, of Wellington, issued a statement yesterday warning farmers that there was a danger of record levels of obesity, because grass was particularly lush and rich at present."

"…to which Coastal Taranaki farmer John Washer, who has 40 years' dairying experience, said the SPCA was "udderly" wrong and ill-informed." 'Udderly' – that's clever! I would never have picked that pun in a million years!

To which I sarcastically say 'Yes that's so true! Because eating vegative materials commonly found in salads really does make you make you fat. Aye Kirsty Alley!'

Mooving on.

"Record levels of obesity' interesting phrase – I was not aware there was a recording system of cattle obesity in NZ. Is there a Plunket for Cows ?? Does SPCA run weight clincs every year for cows? And if so, do they get the Fat Cow that always seems to be able to push her way to the front of the bus queue each morning?

Maybe these cows get fat because they eat each meal of lush and rich grass eight times or something....

This is bloody typical of the SPCA, firing off on some misguided Peta like attempt to save the universe and its humble creatures. I'm reminded of the time a while back when the SPCA noted its concern about farm dogs being 'too skinny'. Well you can't have your working farming dog eating cake and having it too. They run around a lot keeping those naughty sheep on the straight and narrow and so are skinny. Just like those barefoot Cheeky Darkies that win all the gold medals at the Olympics.

Maybe the cows are fat because they don't exercise much. I think the SPCA should demand mandatory exercise classes for cows – call it 'Milkshake' or 'Bovisize' or something else jazzy to get eager buy in from the Cow's Collective. (Surely the cows have unionised by now right?)

Yes, it's true sometimes farmers do stuff up and animals suffer – it's a fact of life and there are agencies governmentmental and NGO wise out there that deal with it on a case by case basis.

What's my point? SPCA should stick to its knitting and get the pricks who sever dogs in half (which they do and good on 'em) rather than get into areas they perhaps don't really understand.

Which is probably a thing for bloggers to think about too…..


His Whoreness said...

i will buy you a beer for every blogger that posts about the hypocrisy of the spca calling for action on obese farm animals

yours counts as one - see how many more you can sort out

Asterix said...

You really milked that JJ

geekonomist said...

Right on mate.

My favourite comment from the article you quoted JJ was the farmer, who did not want to be named, who said all cockies dreamed of having their women thin and their cows fat, but tended to get it the wrong way around! Very funny!

SPFW said...

i wrote a big post about how i agree with the SPCA blurb re: horses and the intricate details of "foundering" but it obviously didn't come up on the page and i'm not going to do it again. must have lost something in the spam translation

mr.chris said...

There's a new TV3 makeover reality show in this...