Party at Mary's Place Pt II

So now that we have firmly established why Dave Matthews is crapper than  rotting carp lets briefly discuss The Boss.  When I was cute and adorable at around aged 6 (that's sex for the aussie readers) The Boss was everywhere with 'Born In the USA'.  It had a cool riff, great chorus and it made you feel good to be an American, even if you a young kiwi from Hastings.


I guess a six year old can be forgiven for not realising the song was about a war veteran returning to his hometown and getting no where. Not sure if Ronald Regan could be though.


You couldn't escape The Boss then. He was on my am transistor. He was on fire. He was on the car on Sunday drives for ice creams (incidentally, I think I first heard GNR's Paradise City on one such trip). He lined my cousin's wall with his back to us.  He also discovered Courtney Cox but I'm not sure if that was a good thing or not.


He was The Boss. Hell, he was so popular both Coke AND Pepsi probably sponsored him.

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