Things I don’t care about and therefore ignore when shown on the 6 pm news

So like do you ever get pissed off when you watch the news? I hate how the eports are so superficial. I hate how the facts are so light on the ground. I hate the lack of proper context. What phucks me off the most is being treated like I have the intellegence of a guinea pig. When it all boils down, the news is good for covering catastrophes and sports results. Oh and shots of Pippa Wetzel.

Things I don’t care about and therefore ignore when shown on the 6 pm news

• Palenstein/Israel/Sharon/Suicidebombers

Any wars/grumbles/land squabbles caused by religions phuck me off. No one never wins battles for land unless you’re playing Risk. Who really care’s about two countries that give the world nothing but suicide bombers?

• George Bush is a bad guy rants

He spies, he reads kids books upside down, he falls of his bike, he chokes on pretzels. He’s just a man. He was elected by his people, fair and square (the second time round) so get over it. Dubious warmongering ethics aside, Iraq is probably a better place sans Madam Im Sadam.

• The Weather

The only reason to watch the weather is for Penelope Barr and she hasn’t graced the idiot box for years. The weather is just wasting my time before Shortland Street. Damn you Johnny Moronovich!

• Reports on reports from other newspapers

I don’t give a toss about what some hack journo in London thinks about some MPs latest sex fetish. I know its cool to have a sex fetish but I hate it when the kiwi reporter holds up the Guradian and says “blah blah confesses to wife he had sex with a hedgehog” and then makes a bad pun about the prickly issue.

• Tony Veitch

Enough said.


Mike said...

Totally agree. NZ media generally is so superficial and, well, pointless - I discover little with it and never use it.

SPFW said...

veitch is the prime specimen of small man syndrome. I agree with you on al the above with the exception of the Palestinian issue. If there was one thing in the world I could sort out it would be that (or maybe the Hoff's chest hair)

hot thames-girl said...

Now that the Hoff is once again single, your dream may yet come true SPFW!

SPFW said...

yeah but i'm suspicious that his wife only wants to allow supervised access.

It's not surprising that the broke up really - i mean it must take one hell of a woman to handle ..... THE HOFF