What's the word?

So in a very unsavoury incident I was today attacked by some penguins. I was near the ice box fridge thing at the local 'bowser' station. I needed ice for mohitos to which I have happily become addicted.

I reached in to grap some ice and the lil buggers flew(?) at me, pecking at my eyes. Sheilded by a $20 pair of sunnies from, errr, Glassons I fought the lil fuckers off with an umbrella I'd been using to block out those cheery summer cancer rays.

I killed 17 of the jolly fuckers before they knew they were beaten and meekly backed off to the potatoe chippy stand for some Blue Bird Chippies and some coke*.

Moral: Penguin strikes can occur at anytime so like a good boy scout be prepared.

* Both kinds


Asterix said...

What are mohitos and what have you been smoking?

Tristan J Krumpacker III said...

Are these penguins adults or chicks? Or are the mohitos chicks? Why not just write about chicks without using code? Still, it's better than cricket.

hot thames-girl said...

If you wanna be authentic and classy people, it's MOJITOS! Really good summer cocktails with minty goodness. JJ you should try a 'fallen water'...mmmm...

But anyway, the actual topic of conversation should be: who the hell wears sunnies from glassons, and is a guy, and ADMITS it, on the INTERNET!? JJ you are just asking to resurrect the ?gay or metro? debate

Anonymous said...

Who says I didn't borrow them from JB?