I got big balls, you got big balls but C4 has the biggest balls of all!

So I've been thinking about this whole South Park and the bloody mary issue. At first I thought why the fuss about a drink? But then the penny dropped, it is Virgin in a Condom Pt II but without Graeme Capill causing a fuss. Sounds like South Park is back to its best.


He's been pretty quiet lately has Mr Capill. Maybe his jaw is still sore. NE ways back 2  South Park – 'Oh my god look, censorship coming straight for us!' Pass the sanitary pad, I say, so I can shove it down your pious throat.


I applaud TV 4 for being forward this whole bloody issue to our screens early.


It's the whole Voltaire thing here really – those who don't want the bloody mary show to screen can say what they like and I'm cool with that. They should not watch it. Its when some one demands the removal of the show from the program we get irked – cos that's not free speech, that's censorship. (Like wise don't buy the paper if it's cartoon offends)


I know all this has sprung up in light of Mohammed getting himself in the papers and so there's a story here that the MSM et al is keen on - I'm actually surprised I haven't seen that guy from the Soc iety For Promotion Of Community Standards that tries to ban every filthy movie that comes town chiming in. He may have. I'm chiming it and that too is free speech …


It was suggested on the Rock radio this am what if it was our local show Bro Town that did such a thing? Well Bro Town never would have dared – its not that kind of show (and the mum's of the show writers would have given them the jandal). But if it was a kiwi show depciting a bloody mary would it be screened at all?? I suspect that C4 would be tempted to do so. They could blame it on Jeff da maori. TV3 would not risk it. Wayyyy too much advertising at stake.  It would be too close to home for most Kiwis. It would be like Judy Bailey stripping on Holmes or something.
In short, good on ya C4 for having some balls.


Levi said...

Apparently for that episode they originally estimated around 30,000 viewers, but due to the media hype generated by the catholic church protests and your blog, that number catapulted to above 220,000!

His Whoreness said...

is this where someone calls you the son of a motherless goat?