Whatever Trevor

Whatever happened to this blog ?
Whatever happened to Pacifier?
Whatever happened to John Hawkesby?
Whatever happened to Big Ted?
Whatever happened to Debbie who did Dallas?
Whatever happened to Charles who was in Charge?
Whatever happened to your money for nothing and your chicks for free?


SPFW said...

actually i do know what happened to Debbie cos i saw a stupid programme on her a few years ago but i can't quite remember. she definitely went on to do other cities though.

TMonkey said...

and Pacifier rebecame Shihad again

Jimmy Jangles said...

um that was a joke about pacifier.... !!! ;) hell this blog is a joke.

MacManus said...

1. Dunno, I'm a first time reader and I quite like it.

2. They were born again

3. Abducted by aliens?

4. Was last sighted on a P fueled rampage on K road?

5. She took tokyo and bonked brussells.

6. Serving 15-20 years for molestation.

7. We grew up and moved outta home....that and womens Lib.

Hey...that was fun...must do it agin sometime :)