U2 rule, Kanye does not

Now I'm over my shock of U2 not coming I have realised that I don't have to see Kanye West any more. Hoo Ray!!! Except that I now have to put up with Nickleback for the Stones. I think I might actually prefer to see Kanye over those lame o s.

I actually heard the Edge reads this blog and noted my concern at Kanye coming and decided to kick him out of the line up. Kanye casued a stink and demand he be able to play - LSS Edge called his bluff and cancelled the tour. He's a top bloke that Edge, always looking out for his fans!


Me and Levi have started a new blog - The Spaghetti Incident. I have no idea what the f it is about or for. It might be about music thoughts or it might be about what I'm having for lunch. Hmmm lunch.


Anonymous said...

im with you on the kanye thing! I do have to say though that i still LOVE the stones!


CT said...

that fucking sucks ass man...