L’Anzac Day dat was.

  • Le biggg gran march on hike dans le crashing rain chez mount Victoria
  • Le Pancake breakfast, Amerriycan! style. Sans le outen glutten!
  • Le Plaza, say   tray grande neeee pah?
  • La purchasa da une chemise, noi. Tray shiek may wee!
  • Apresshopski, jay le fatigue feet ski alors…
  • Du Vin and le bifteck!
  • Puis nu regardonsed les 'Reservoir Dogs' alors - 'a re you gonna bark all day, little doggy, or are you gonna bite?'


Asterix said...

Why are you commenting on ANZAC Day in the language of a country that bombs a ship in our harbour in peace time? Now answer me that!!

Jimmy Jangles said...

because we are more afraid of Zeeee Germans! ;)

Jo Hubris said...

This may sound like a random question, but were you part of the large group of people dressed as Frenchies wandering around in Hataitai on Anzac Day?