Don'tcha wish your blog was hot like mine? Don'tcha?

The recent  confessions over terrible songs housed on ones ipod have been amusing -  I was just listening to my ipod and the freaking pussy cat dolls came on. WTF I thought? And then I remembered I put it on Jay Bee's itunes and it has regrettably been automatically updated to mine. On further inspection I now have a list of Ipod crimes to confess.


  • Pussy Cat Dolls
  • Best of Elaine Page
  • Killing Heidi
  • Lizzy McGuire !!!!!!!
  • Mariah

Bands I have on my ipod I have never even listened to. Prob sourced from The Whore or Levi


  • Handsome Boy M
  • The Hiss
  • The La's
  • Lhasa De Sela
  • Luke Vibert
  • Matacha Atlas

The Hiss? WTF kind of name is that?

Update: Listened to some Hiss. poorly produced rock band going no where.

Here's a poem

Listen to the Hiss
You'll find they are piss

The end. forever. amen. arribaderchie. bi. bye. hello?


Mr Chris said...

Elaine Page....? Oh Jimmy Jangles, what have you done?

His Whoreness said...

handsome boy modelling school are pretty good thank you very much and i can only claim responsibility for lhasa de sela and natacha atlas - fuck knows where you luke vibert - i didn't add him to mine until well after you moved on to greener pastures my friend

as for lizzy mcguire, i can onyl say to you what i said to mister chris... it looks like the disney channel just threw up all over your playlist

nuff said

oh and say hi to your missus for me