No Mr Bond, I expect you to die!

So like and went and saw MI3 with Jay Bee. Lets just say up front it's a boys movie and she was getting pay back from making me watch an inane Cameron Diaz / Toni Collette sisters feuding movie the other week. This movie has guns, babes, lamborgini's and more guns. Add it up and you have the perfect Tom Cruise vehicle. Its like Dumb and Dumber with Guns. Kinda.
Big dumb action scene after action scene wreak havoc on the silver screen with helicopters, jets, jet boats, bridges and lots of talking on cell fones round out the big stuff but some of the more subtle (well what counts for subtle in a block buster like this) was the evilness portrayed by Capote himself Philp hoffman. He is one nasty fucker. Think his performance in Punch Drunk Love and turn that up to 11. I loved it all.


If you are a Boy's Own kinda guy and believe James Bond is actually real go see this movie.

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Mr Chris said...

Spies - fuck yeah!