Random Stuff: Pt ever?

       Ø       Completed yesterday's Dom Post xw in one sitting.  I feel like a new man

Ø       Lunch was a BK Chicken meal and 2 hamburgers. I feel my eyes are gonna bleed

Ø       I watched Finding Never Land. I feel like dressing up as a pirate!!

Ø       I have to pay the lecky bill. I feel poor just thinking about it.

Ø       $3000 fine for being hit in the head with Tana Umaga's Billabong (bang?) handbag. I feel it should have been a Gucci, that would have been classy.

Ø       My mammalian friend called an electrician to replace a light bulb. I have revoked his man card, without feeling anything but disgust.


Asterix said...

Ha ha ha, an electrician to change a lightbulb, I laughed out loud. The Sea Cow lost his man card years ago, he's so far in the red that there's no getting that back ever. "What's CRC?"

JJ said...

Its the same as WD40 ! he he (sorry injokes)