Things that go bump in the night

So like this morning - 4am ish I am dreaming of the next All Black's  World Cup victory  when SMASH!! there is the sound of glass shattering in my room and things going bump. I'm lying face down – I spin up and round yelling " HEY! HEY!  HEY!''  half leaping out of bed / half grabbing Jay Bee. I'm still La La Land but my spidey senses have told me someone has smashed the window and is climbing in! The room is black and I can see nothing. Where is the thieving prick?And then I calm – there is no one in there. I turn on the light – My degree has fallen from the wall and smashed on the floor. Crisis over my, heart can go back to   its normal rhythm.


Damn 3M sticky wall things!


Rooster said...

Every body knows that eventually a Bachelor of Bullshit will shatter.

SPFW said...

do we think it was a metaphor?

Jimmy Jangles said...

That from a guy that has a Bugger All!!!