Why I hate bus drivers pt Will I ever stop?

So like Lambton Quay ce soir. A girl is getting on the bus before me. She is about 12 and looks it. She tells the driver two sections. He prints a ticket and she gives him the money. She takes her ticket and walks off. The driver counts the money "HEYYYYYY did you want a child fare? YOU HAVE TO TELL ME I'M NOT A MINDREADER YOU KNOW!"

"Umm yes" is the meek reply


I'm thinking what a prick, she's just a kid and looks it. Its obvious she should have been given the ticket at the child fare rate.

From behind me a rather confident voice goes "and a smile while you're at it would be nice", making it clear the driver was indeed a prick.

"It's not my job to smile" the prick replies, not looking up. The girl moves on.

So its my turn for the ticket purchase. Feeling like a smarmy bastard I put ten 20 cent pieces in the tray for coinage. That's enough for a two section fare.

"well how many sections then? he says

Feeling confident after the jibe from the guy behind me, I say as snarky as possible "Why don't you count it and figure it out?"

The best bus driver since Sandra Bullock sighs heavily, bangs the machine and pops out a ticket without counting the shrapnel. I grab the ticket and sit down. The guy behind me walks past, gives me a wink and moves on by.


natalie biz said...
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natalie biz said...

ahhh, memories.

hot thames-girl said...

Yeah the bus drivers generally suck...but where else do you get to experience such comraderie with your fellow men/bus travellers??

PS Who is the ultra-mysterious person that wrote a post and then REMOVED IT THEMSELVES!!!!!!! Way to rouse my curiousity...

natalie biz said...

that was me. I mis-typed the URL to the link on my site on my first try.