Onwards christian soldier

So like you were all chickens and didn't kick Bobby G out of the Our Fair Land of the Selfish Gits# and JJ had to to it himself. My foot, I mean JJ means, his foot is still sore from the effort^. Well JJ is a forgiving chap and he is prepared to give you one more chance dear readers.

Somebody kill Baxter off Shortland Street? * +


# Yeah right, you rude prick. We give all our money to dole bludgers, ACC and sickness beneficiaries and when its a good month, twin baby murderers. Dur.

^JJ also recommends Steinlager for breakfast. It makes the working nightmare somehow slightly easier.

*This post in no way admits that JJ actually watches Shitland St. He's just doing this as a favour for some people at work. Maybe. You can't prove nuthing.

+ With a cheese grater as revenge for his save the world ethic which er... grates.

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