The Green Parrot: Over rated

So me, Jay Bee* and Jimmy Jangles Sr went to the Green Parott for dinner on Sat. Its the place in Tarankai St, supposedly made famous by the Minister for Courtenay Place.

I'll cut to the chase - the food was overpriced, service below par. The steaks were big but the macaroni that came with it was poor. The steak itself was good though.

We had the Oyster Bay Chardonnay - at 31 bucks it seemed priced okay.

All in all for the rep this place is pretty average.

Now Im going

Good bye I am going to kiss jaybee**

*Looking rather freaking hot I might add.
**Looking rather freaking hot I might add.


His Whoreness said...

well what did you expect? its been in the same place since the dawn of time so of course its going to be overpriced - wand what the hell are you doing ordering the steak and macaroni - any self respecting diner at the green parrot should opt for the ham steak with pineapple slice and 2 salads on the side

JJ said...

pinapple goes with hawaiian piza and thats it.