Minnie Mouse has grown up a cow

So I was thinking how everyone loves to bash bush. We all have our reasons. It makes us feel good, some times it's a guilty please. Some people like to bash bush because it can be thick. The good thing about bashing bush is that you can do in in your own home by yourself, with a partner or with other close friends. It's harder to bash bush at work but it can be done.
Bush bashing is everywhere in the media too. Its very acceptable and almost fashionable. Some people however don't like to bash bush and choose to bash other types of trunks, so to speak.


It amuses me though that when bloggers bash bush on blogs they often do so using the services of www.blogger.com which is a company made in America. The home of Bush.


Jameson said...

excellent use of Bush quote, bravo

JJ said...

so proud you actually got that.