Bring Back BucK

This water in the gas pipes crisis has gone on longer than a reading of War and Peace by Porky Pig. I'm fed up, or rather Not Fed Up.
Burger King, Lambton Quay, has been closed for over a week! A week good people! I haven't had a BK Chicken in a week!! This is the equivalent of forgoing chemotherapy when you have cancer!!  Its like not getting laid on your wedding night! Its like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife*!
Mickey Dees will not do as a substitute. Nor will Kai For Coons as one coonish resembling comedian once described it at the Indigo*. What am I to do? Its not like I'm going to do anything rash and have sushi for lunch. Raw fish people! They live in the ocean! They aint got no jobs! Its cold! I'm not eating raw cold fish.


Without an end to the madness in sight, the Beehive up the road looms as an answer. BK simply needs to put in a pipe to the debating chamber from the BK kitchen. I'm sure all the hot air released in the chamber could be utilised somehow.

And there endeth the rant.
* Its anaemic, don't you think

* Why the dumb name change? San Francisco Bath House? Sounds like a gentlemanly retreat of some kind. It would help explain some of the gay bands they've had lately.

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