Glory Days

From Stuff:

RIO DE JANEIRO: A Brazilian referee faces suspension after she awarded a goal that television pictures showed was scored by a ball boy.

The 89th minute goal allowed Santacruzense to snatch a 1-1 draw at home to Atletico Sorocaba in the Paulista Football Federation (FPF) Cup on Sunday, a regional tournament played in the state of Sao Paulo.

Pictures showed that after a Santacruzense player shot narrowly wide, the boy collected the ball with his feet and took it back on to the pitch.

However, instead of returning it to the goalkeeper, he subtly tapped it across the line into the net.
Although there was nearly 10 seconds between the shot going out and the boy placing the ball over the line, referee Silvia Regina de Oliveira awarded a goal amid furious Sorocaba protests.


This is classic. Once I was playing hockey for a Massey University team and I did something similarly cheeky and got away with it.

We were on attack in the D minutes after I had scored a goal. I was playing winger and was on the right of the striker who shot at goal. His shot went wide of the goal and went out of play. It hit this metal fence post and made a large twang! Everyone thought that was the end of the play. Not so, the ball rebounded into play really fast and having ran on I slotted the ball between the legs of the goalie and the goal. And the ref gave it to me, possibly believing the twang was from the the goal post.

The other team was furious! And complained to the ref bitterly to no effect and they then abused the fuck out of me for being a cheating punk. We won 3 - 1. Cool.

I loved playing Hockey at Massey. In my second year we had a really good team (it was the Massey third team) with some really skiffull players and goalie with a huge heart. We all gelled really well and to the disbelief of the community we made the Final of the competition.

After some good form we had just sneaked into the last semi final spot because we protested against a team fielded some first grade players. I got a goal in each half in the semi for a 2 - 0 win and we made the final. I know it sounds vain telling this story but it was one of those 'moments' you never forget. I'll also never forget in another game catching a flying ball to the balls. They carried me off cos I couldn't walk for 5 minutes.

I remember they did a preview report on the Radio on the day of the Final saying we were going to lose and it pissed me off. We lost by about 5 goals I think. I know I played crap that day. That day the Coach tried to psyche us up by playing 'Eye of the Tiger' at our team run warmup but right, now the Bruce Springsteen song is playing in my head!