If you wannabe be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.

Rockstar Supernova Final. Didn't watch it and don't really care. But I was chatting with Charlie Chicken and other Chums about the show. They were all gagging about it. At least we all shared a distinct distain for Dave Navarro. The question arose about the next season. Who would it be? What faded hack rock stars wannabe famous again? (Clarke was NEVER a rockstar worthy of the title – Ed). We talked about supergroups – though not everyone's cup of tea - Audioslave got it together and Velvet Revolver showed some slithery muscle on 'Contraband'.
I suggested Crosby/Stills/Nash/Young as the best ever supergroup but as they say if you can remember the 60s you weren't around. Charlie C. thought STP should reform with him on singing duties and writing all the material.   DJ Rano smiled sweetly and asked if he could put on his Manhatten Transfer vinyl. The Manatee muttered something about The Wiggles being on high rotate in Petone. Things then got confused and crashed when Charlie put on some Dave Matthews Band ...but I have digressed - to solve the riddle of who will front Rockstar's next season I called  James Dean and he said that Vicky Pollard had heard through George Micheal who got it from a cop in a loo somewhere that The Travelling Wilburys , who are desperately trying for success after the death of lead singer Roy Orbison, will front.


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