What's the chewiest part of Jonah Lomu?

So let me get this right. North Harbour haven't done sweet f all in 21 years as a rugby province except letting Walter Little score the odd try. Never a threat to anyone's top of the table. Notable for turning about to the 'Battle of the Bridge" with the ponces from Jafaland each season and that's about it.

And then one washup up, has-been All Black with a busted ankle, one kidney and who is struggling against a swollen lunar tide to regain former glories (and what glories they were!) joins the team and suddenly they win the Ranfurly Shield???

Inspired by such a move many teams have adjusted their selection policies:

The Knights have drafted in Wynton Rufer*
The Black Caps have called in Murphy Sua
Irene Van Dyke will start for the Tall Ferns

*Is actually a realistic move innit?...


His sandals.

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