Its too late, tonight

So I was just listening to the ipod and Four Season's in One Day by Crowded House came on. And I smiled because Bono beautifully butchered it into an early song (Elevation was it?). He missed the melody or something but the crowd part I was in cheered and laughed at the same time. Nothing like a rock star sucking up to his faithful!

And all this reminded me I forgot to ask in the last post - did anyone else notice Bono come into early for a verse during One? I thought it was only me but the Manatee thought so - like the Stones did in Easter when Mick Jagger missed a cue, the band played around it and it sounded sweet - a testament to good musos everywhere.

Amusing question from Charlie Chicken after the gig, "What was the name of the song with the Kite?"

Hmm guess I'm still buzzing.

P.S. Go fuck yourself Tom Cardy.


According to blogger this is my 701st post. I'm catching u DPF!

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