Goo part II

So like seeing as Google Inc. fears they are going the way of sellotape I thought I would help bring about the demise sooner buy adding some new definitions of google:

Google: What a baby vomits up on your shirt after burping.

Google: A fan of The Goo Goo Dolls.

That last one is kind of like how a Maggot might be a fan of that all time folkband, Slipknot. OMG Big Machine by GG Dolls just came on the ipod! This google is very happy - this proves the term works beyond reasonable doubt. Thank god the Pussy Cat Dolls didn't come on that. That would have been embarassing.

Google: Not an original this one but according to google itself it was a term in a Lil Rascals' movie for drinking water. Doesn't apply to beer though - imagine saying "Man I got wasted last night, I googled 18 lagers".


Aside from being witty as stamp this post is also a test to see if the definitions will come up on google's define: search query thingy... want real SEO advice?

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