My Top 5 NZ albums

It's music month and Not PC has added his 5cents worth (probably what those albums cost back in the days) and now its time for mine. Not PC has a fairly eclectic sampling of aural delight. Mine conversely is embarrassingly contemporary… Hell, I thought Hello Sailor was a pick up line.

Jimmy Jangles Top 5 kiwi albums to celebrate Music Month, whatever that is. I’m just glad no-one has played Walkie Talkie Man.

Supergroove: Supergroove. You got to know to understand, my man mike plato. You too could have an abundance of platonic relationships if you were down with not looking down. The guitarist from this band is one of the best riffers NZ has ever had the pleasure of making number one. I try to hide it but they just keep coming. On occasion Che Fu actually sang – To be specific, For Whatever Reason is the best thing he eva did. Shame they let the bassist take over… I can remember buying this CD from Kmart with my wages and rushing home to play it!

Dead Flowers – The orange album - You drink the water, I’ll drink the wine. Magic. If you’re feeling lazy, have another Sunday. Aint that the truth.

Shihad – The Fish Album – has one of my fave lines / lies of any song “You are so majestic, so skilful in the way that you make me sick” (Leo’s song). We’re in the Land, even if your head is a rock. Their beast/best album was the one that followed but for me this is Shihad, orange scales and all.

Crowded House – Together Alone – I don’t care if Neil Finn’s a rich bugger with socialist tendencies (or is that Sam Neil?) – either way his success is deserved with this album. Nails in my Feet has a wicked awesome chord structure and Private Universe is a song that actually takes you to that place. Together Alone’ the closer track is one of the best album closers ever – almost up there with Champagne Supernova by Oasis (I’ve said before Finn is brilliant at opening and closings – Kare Kare aint too bad either). Should have dropped Skin Feeling though. That song bites.

The Feelers: Communicate - The Feelers take a lot of crap, probably for being drunken over sexed wankers but this album has so many gems they can be forgiven. Fishing for Lisa is simple but heart felt, Communicate – great two chord intro. And with songs about the weekend and As Good as Gets these are songs that are as k1w1 as you can get. Stay for the party.


hot thames-girl said...

JJ, I am disappointed that you felt the need to actually identify the Shihad song you quoted by name (Leo's song). I thought you had a higher calibre of readers, who would immediately identify such classic lyrics!

I'm loving your choices, BTW ;o)

JJ said...

Um it was deb's night off....

SAS said...

Five Kiwi alums I love to listen to over here to show how Kiwi musicians geographical isolation seems to help let them create something different than what's necessarilly going on elsewhere in the world.

* Odessa - Oake Park Avenue
* Flight of the Conchords - Folk the World Tour
* Goodshirt - Good
* Fly My Pretties - The Return (or Live at Bats)
* Rhombus - Bass Player

P.S. Wgtn bands are the best.

hot thames-girl said...

*sigh* give it up JJ, I am the lyrics queen!!!!!! Mwah ha ha ha!!!!!!

hot thames-girl said...

PS FYI when I googled the lyrics, your blog was the ONLY site on the entire net that came up as spelling it "skilful" instead of "skillful". Congrats!! Your mama would be proud!

PPS and to add to your sense of pride, my work has officially bolocked access to your blog, having mysteriously identified it as, (and I quote), "porn".

hot thames-girl said...

Damn it, I meant blocked, BLOCKED!!!! Although that Freudian slip could explain why my work categorised your blog as porn!!!!!!!!

JJ said...

Saw your sister and Shane last night at Expressaholic. She's cool and wasn't talking any bollocks.