Pub Humour

I was down at the pub the other night, I had already had a couple of sherbets when I noticed this good looking sort walk in, bit of a stunner for someone who looked as though her 50th had slipped by unnoticed. I ambled over and chatted her up with my normal suave

"G'day - wanna midi of suds?

Anyway, we got chatting and seemed to be getting on ok, turns out

she was 57, but nevertheless we chatted and laughed and joked a

bit, even had a bit of a snog...all in good fun mind you.

She asked me if I had ever had the Sportsman's double - ya know,
a mother & daughter threesome. I thought "Struth mate, you've hit the jackpot here." I said, (nonchalantly)

"Nah..never had one of them...

" So we had a couple more beers and she said

"Tonight's your lucky night!" and we headed off back to her place.

She opened the front door, flicked on the hall light and yelled

"Mum, you still awake?"

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