She wore lemon but never in the daylight

She wore lemon but never in the daylight

I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike. That has been echoing in my brain all morning, such is mondayitis. Don’t believe in Peter Pan or Superman?

Then you don’t believe in anything and you know it.

Maybe rock n roll can really change the world? Well, fat Fanny, Lennon and Lenin both failed. Jack Lemmon, well he could sure act but he was just a bit grumpy and old.

Elvis just checked into Weight Watchers.

Its flu season. Pneumonia / Nu Metal – both make the elderly sick. Well Fred Durst generally makes anyone sick so you could be forgiven for dropping dead next time someone gives you a three dollar bill.

Everything you know is wrong, even beat boxing. That will teach you to murder Bon Jovi, b’arch.

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