C'mon the Bay!!

So the new NPC picks comp..

"At 45 points in the first week you're ranked number 148 out of over 105,000 players."

Catch up, b'arches...at least I'm beating DPF. Prolly won't last hahahaha.

jimmyjangles is ma player name....

Popbitch strikes again

Jay Leno likes to try out his TV jokes each week
at the Comedy and Magic club, Hermosa Beach,
California. Last Sunday he started with his
standard family entertainment routine, but then
suddenly launched into a rant about how fat
Americans have become. He ended up telling a
story about a kid who was "so fat it would take
Michael Jackson an hour to molest him."

The audience went deadly silent. Leno just
shouted back, "Oh, fuck you! You'll be telling
this joke tomorrow morning, I know it!"

And they did.

Help finally arrives for UK flood victims

The Hoff has done some amazing things in recent times - so its no surprise he's popped up in England to help out the with the flooding.


Hawera: Its surprisingly big. But thats it.

Meet George Jetson

Cosmic shades of krpyton colours I could bleed

But its no drama

When you have all the Autobots you need

Anyway, we're off to Rendevous with Rama

We're taking GI Joe, its the American way to go

Bittten by a cobra from the Kai Klutz Klan

I toured mars in the back of a Kombi van

Interstellar speed, asteroids and heavens by way of mergatroid

Fight the future and decepticon greed

Sometimes I have no idea where I am

Yo, Jimmy, kick it one time boy.
Beer Beer baby.
Let the beer flow like a chemical spill…. Say wah
Beer beer to go
I’m out of beer
Word to your mother

Dumb and Dumber?

Transformers - another thought

Spoiler follows:

So if Optimus Prime has this awesome energy sword which he used to decaptiate that naught decepticon... why did he not pull out the sword when he was battling Megatron?


Hello 6 year olds can see through that one.

Popbitch with a steally one..

Q: What do you call a little German who lives in a tin?
A: Heinz.