What ever happened to Fenella Bathfield?

So like after the success of what ever happened to Penelope Barr?, Jimmy Jangles brings you:

What ever happened to Fenella Bathfield?

Update: Well shoot, I should really pay attention to the commenters on le blog. Ms Bathfield herself appears to have commented on the Barr post:

"Fenella Dobson was in australia had two childlren, thus the weight gain, which is now quite gone, and now lives in Hong Kong. This is her by the way and you can check me out on facebook as Fenella Bathfield/Dobson and see what i look like now! fenella"

Cheers Fenella, we really appreciate that! Kiwis - 'bless em - they are real people.

You don't see Oprah Winfrey leaving messages round here do you?

Fenella used to be the resident after school hottie on TVNZ's '3.45 live' and then later on The Bugs Bunny Show. The Bugs Bunny show also had Fiona Anderson and Hinemoa Elder who when on to produce with Paul Holmes the wild child that is Minnie Elder.

This guy reckons something fell out on 3.45 live once. That probably gave Ollie Olsen a heart attack. Of course, it aint on Youtube and if it aint on Youtube it didn't happen eh?

Well actually there's not a lot of info on the interwebz about Ms Fenella Bathfield - so if you've got a story to share leave it in the comments.

I did manage to find this video of Hinemoa Elder and Phil Keogan interviewing Skidrow on 3.45 Live.

I just love how Seb Bach and co are drinking beer on a kids show.....hey it was the eighties man!

Image Source: Fenella's Myspace page.


Broke But Still Drinking said...

I see you enjoy beer. Do you enjoy free beer handed to you off the street?

Anonymous said...

In a word? No.

Anonymous said...

Re Fenella Bathfield, not sure but I think she was just on the telly! http://fpb.co.nz/ what do you recon?

Martin said...

Yeah, I used to knock off early to go home and watch Fen- er, the Bugs Bunny Show. I remember when she left the programme someone on the crew had put together a montage of clips of her flicking her hair over her shoulder - a regular occurrence - with the song "Hair" added as a soundtrack. I'd love to see that clip again if anyone ever finds it.

Anonymous said...

Actually Fenella's fatal frontage faux pas happend at a dinner not on 3.45 Live. Didn't stop "The Truth" from printing the photo ... and didn't stop this 14 year old from buying his first and only copy of "The Truth!"

It would never have happened on Ollie Olsen's watch.