Good Night Kiwi Is Back!

The Good Night Kiwi is returning to NZ TV!

Back in the old days there were two TVNZ Channels 1 and 2. The Good Night Kiwi  animation ran on each to signal the end of the day's transmission. It was much loved in my family and those across NZ - we often got the magazines that the Kiwi starred in. No idea what they were called...

the good night kiwi and cat tvnz

The animation is the Kiwi and a cat turn out the lights of the TVNZ studio, put out an empty milk bottle, climb a flight of stairs and take a lift to the top of a satellite tower before settling into bed in the satellite dish screened from 1980 to October 1994.

We generally don't put out milk money these days!

Wikipedia says that  the music that starts when Kiwi plays an audio cassette  is an instrumental arrangement of the traditional Māori lullabyHine e Hine, or was sometimes God Save the Queen.

Stuff reports that three new cat and kiwi sequences have been made to promote the Christmas Season. 

The first, to screen from tomorrow, has the pair decorating a Christmas tree; in the second, to screen between Christmas and New Year, the Christmas tree is dismantled; and the third, for the rest of summer, has the Kiwi reclining on a lilo in a pool disturbed by the cat.

I spy

So like I 'm two days into my tour of duty across a country that
hasn't reacted too well to not winning the Rugby League world cup. I
know this cos I ve asked as many people as I can what the score was.

I digress too much. I wanted to report that by the toilet in my hotel
room is a phone. You can just imagine the conversations I may have had.

Stay classy Adelaide.


So like Jay Jays has a new shipment of Transformers T Shirts in store so I borrowed $25 bucks from Optimus Prime and headed into town, keen as to add to my Transformers T Shirt Collection...

After dodging the Constructicons who were digging up the Basin Reserve for some reason I made it to town wherein I witnessed Jet Fire taking down Starscream. Amused at the waste of energon, I found what I wanted and came home with this this Soundwave T shirt:

soundwave transformers t shirt with ravage and lazerbeakHanging out with Soundwave are his faithful (?) buddies, Ravage and Lazerbeak. Hopefully Soundwave will make an appearance in the new transformers movie, Revenge of the Fallen.

Going Lambent on the Locust Horde

So like I haven't been going rampant on The Flood for once, I've been going Lambent on the Locust Horde in Gears of War 2. I thought the orginal GOW was good but this was gripping game play. Hell it even had a story this time! Great bloody action when the heads pop off, sneak attacks, grand vistas and lots of bosses to battle like this guy, Skorge.

scorge gears of war 2 xbox 360
              Scorge is an easier kill than General Raam but is still kinda of Extreme Ninja Cool.

A favourite bit was when one is forced to crash a Tank into black as night hole. When they turn on the light there are two Corpsers waiting to eat you. But the good gear game play means there's a third just to your left and it scares the baby jesus out of you when it attacks. 

corpser form gear of war 2 xbox 360
                                        Imagine 3 hungry Corpsers thinking of you as lunch

I did the game on the Hardcore level and it took around 12 ish hours of playing I reckon, which is fair value. You can only play on Insane once you have completed one of the easier levels, so I guess I'll be doing that for a while! Haven't tried the multiplayer yet. The Achievements are well thought out. 

The Gears of War 2 campaign was totally excellent and is the new standard in Xbox gaming. Other than Halo 3 eh Chief?

This is Adam Phoenix, Can you hear me? Is there anyone out there? This is Adam Phoenix. What have you done?

Might take on this is the Queen has set Marcus and the COG up and what ensued was her strategy all along....

Extra for Experts: Check out Anya Stroud

The Top 10 Worst Rock Costumes in Rock History

The Top 10 Worst Rock Costumes in Rock History

You remember when your Mum made you wear that ugly sweater that your loving but colour blind grandmother knitted you by candlelight? You felt like a dick. You're not the only one who's worn the equivalent, there's plenty of rock stars who actually made the choice. The results are in and they are worse than the sweater - call in the fashion police!

Coming in at number 10 is Tina Turner as Auntie in Mad Max. Shoulders pads were huge in the 80's but this was taking it a step to far. Whatever did happen to the children?

tina turner auntie mad max

Elton John wearing a Duck Suit comes in at 9. The Madman from Across the Water was known to relish the chance to wear any old thing, duck suits a specialty. Hello! Elton! 

elton john in a duck suit picture
Kanye West dodges the Papparazzi on his way to 8. Check out his cool sunglasses before he comes and punches you.

kanye west fashion disaster

David Bowie is relaxed and only dancing his way to number 7 on the Top Ten Rock Fasion Disasters list. Bowie's manager told him he was going to the beach so he donned these spiffing swimming trunks. Imagine his surprised when he walked out in front of his fans. No one in the audience was surprised however.

david bowie fashion disaster picture

Doing his worst for The Beautiful People, Marilyn Manson spits on himself at 6. Nuff said really, other than we heard he borrowed the panties from Dita Von Tisse.

marilyn manson fashion disaster

Midway brings us number 5 and Gary Glitter. He's a bad man you know and went to jail. The fashion police sent his costume away too.

gary glitter fashion crime victim
She drove all night to get to number 4, Cyndi Lauper comes up with this offspring of the Statue of Liberty and a rainbow...

cyndi lauper fashion crime
Number 3 in our list of Top 10 Worst Rock Costumes so things must be getting bad. Maybe Bon Jovi's leather pants and long hair can save us?

bon jovi jon john fashion crime leather pants

Nope! Moving on to 2. Runner up to the worst rock costume in rock history is the entire membership of Lordi. The devil is a loser and he's my bitch.  Um yes, moving on to number one...

lordi masks fashion crimes rock worst list

Our winner moonwalks their way to number one on  the Worst Rock Costumes in Rock History list. Congratulations, Micheal Jackson

michael jackson face fashion crime
Orignally published on The Spaghetti Incident?

Life is like a block of cheese

The things that amused me today at the supermarket included two hippies buying plastic bags and and two 500g blocks of cheese cost least than a 1 Kg block. 

In other news I paid the phone bill, bought stamps and had a diet coke.

Other than that, all I can say is Gears of War 2 rules, despite the cheesey dialogue.

How the hell should I know? I'm not a botanist!

I stood next to a jockey in the super market today. I don't know if he
was going home to watch Trackside or play Gears of War 2 but I do know
he was having salmon and strawberries for dinner.

I had an omellete my self. Then Jay Bee and I went for a run. Jesus
wept. I have not been for a run since Nixon covered up Watergate. Had
the runs yes. Been for a run? No. Did I mention Jesus wept?

I complained to Marcus but he told me to suck it up rookie and look
for Maria...

Is it me or does Chucky look pale?

Is it me or does Chucky look pale?

chuck with michelle rodriguez avatar

This is Chucky with Michelle Rodriguez, she came into his guitar shop needing a djembe which is kind of a drum...

At the time she was filming a part in James Cameron's new movie Avatar.

James Cameron is using Weta's digital filming facilities in Wellington becasue he realised Peter Jackson and the rest of us kiwis know a thing or two about films and wants to make his first movie since that chick flick Titanic better than Terminator 2.

NE ways after Michelle bought her djembe, she flashed Chucky a smile and said "Asta la vista, Charlie" and then she was gone.
Update: Correct instrument included. It was not a tambourine.

Ronnie Wood flushes Drugs before Police Visit

A funny story about Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones

Back in the commercial coke blown 1980s, Ronnie Wood and his entourage were sharing some healthy drugs in a concert dressing room when the stage manager poked his head into the room and said: 

“The police are coming!”

Ronnie Wood and his drug buddies chums flushed the drugs down the lavatory as quick as they could.

This was just in the nick of time as  seconds later, Sting, Andy Summer and Stewart Copeland of the Police walked in to say hello.

I doubt Ronnie Wood has much interested in GNR's new album Chinese Democracy, but if he did I reckon he might be interested in the lyrics "Chinese Democracy Lyrics"

Dig Out Your Magnetic

Why were there so many hippies wandering round town yesterday? 

In other news I bought a pair of running shoes, a new laptop and ate strawberry cheese cake. 

The year is nearly over - so before all the hacks get in, here's the top 3 albums for The Optimus Prime Experiment for 2008

1. Death Magnetic, Metallica - a return to old school Metallica that largely hits the mark.

2. Dig Out Your Soul, Oasis - a continuation of the form from Don't Believe the Truth. Liam Gallagher wrote Out of Time which is the best song on here.

accelerate album cover picture r.e.m.
3. Accelerate, R.E.M. - Peter Buck turned the guitars up to about 8 and just went to it. Lyrically, Accelerate was a impressive effort from Micheal Stipe.

That's it if you wannt reviews on Copy, Cold Cuts, Cut the Copy, The Preset Video Channels, etc check out The Whore, his music tastes are somewhat .... what's the

Now Chinese Democracy will be released soon and knowing me, that will jump on to the list!

Optimus Prime peered over my shoulder whilst I wrote this and he suggested the Pussy Cat Dolls new release was pretty fly. Let's just say Optimus won't be getting any energon for dessert.

Some questions about mania, rankings and rankmaniacs

Some questions about mania, rankings and rankmaniacs

How long has the longest incorrect fact remained on Wikipedia? Did it really matter?

What about that Halloween Maniac who shot the kid? :(

Would you rank Dig Out Your Soul higher than Don't Believe the Truth?

When does Transformer 2: Revenge of the Fallen come out? Optimus Prime wants to know.

With all the US Election mania, would you get Joe the Plumber to fix your drains?

Are you a rankmaniac?

What do you think of GNR's Chinese Democracy Lyrics? Will you buy or steal download the album?

Drugs Are Bad, Okay?

Random Noel Gallagher Quote on Be Here Now

"I still tell people that the Be Here Now album is the best advertisement against taking cocaine. It goes on too long, it's smothered by its self importance - the same as coke users are."