I also did not know that

Thailand has many kinds of Lizards

Yes, I ate all the pies. And that's an Aussie behind me, saying hello. 

So like I've spent the last couple of weeks in Thailand. What a bloody crazy place. That song from Chess about a hard man crumbling after one night is quite possibly true.

I did three and left with a wee hangover.

If I saw a well presented 20 something model in the fancy department store, the next person I saw had no arms and was lying on the ground with a cup in their mouth begging for food or baht. Next to them was a four year old doing the same thing.

If I saw a tuk tuk I saw a million of them. If I happened to get bored of the floating markets and suggest to wifey we just 'walk down this road a bit' I may have ran into an baby elephant that attempted to sexually harass me.

If I went to a tourist trap, I walked over the Bridge of the River Kwai (not it's really name, that's what stupid foreigners call it after watching too many Hollywood movies starring Old Ben Kenboi).

If I was feeling humble when I visited the war graves and saw the grave stone of a kiwi soldier who lost his life building a bloody train track, I was.

If I met a couple of Aussies on the way, they were good bastards.

If I raided the mini bar, I might have ended up on the top of a Bangkok building eating a meal with a 360 degree view of the city and its... smog.

If I relaxed on the beach, it came with a thai massage. If I ate a prawn, well, I ate them all. If I bought an Armani suit knock off, well that's what the tourists do. If I went snorkelling, I saw the united colours of Kata beach.

When I spoke Thai I was treated to a smile to end all smiles. If I handed over my money and grunted, I was apparently a rude Russian.

If I drank one Chang beer, I drank a Tiger beer too.

If I held a tiger cub in my arms, it was well treated. If I went the Phuket Zoo, my heart ached for the animal's and their mistreatment. If you want to go to the Phuket Zoo, do not. It's a rip off the the elephants and tigers and crocodiles a treated like rats in a cage. Still, I did the tourist thing and wrapped an albino python snake around me:

However, if I rode on an Elephant I may have seen the Big Budda. I learned what a mahout was and I saw loved and revered animals.

If I saw a scooter motor bike, I saw not one rider but three of four or a man carrying a pig in one arm and the BBQ in another, steering with his feet.

If I saw a lizard, I didn't tell my wife. I saw lots of lizards.

Jimmy Jangles got a new camera and all he did was..

...take a picture of his gumboots and a watering can:

14 megapixels baby!

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Have you ever seen an electron?


Have you ever seen an electron?

I ventured over to Seth Godin’s blog and noted he titled a post “Why celebrate Halloween?” which had the following question wrapped in a statement:

“Most of what we believe is not a result of direct experience (ever seen an electron?) but is rather part of our collection of truth because everyone (or at least the people we respect) around us seems to believe it as well.”

No, I have never seen an electron. How do I know that they exist? Because I believe what J.J. Thomson and the other fathers of science told me. A scientist said it, therefore it’s true! I accepted the authority figure telling me that something was true.

But what about the things other authoritative people try and tell me to believe?

I have not seen Jesus as explained to me by a priest, yet I don’t believe in him or his existence. Some people in society praise Allah, should I because they do? It’s called blind faith for a reason but I’d rather be blinded by science thank you very much.

What about the man and woman at 6pm on the Idiot Box telling me that George Bush is an evil person. Should I believe that when he won two American elections with a bible closely held to his breast?

Even science can be bumk. What about the Nobel Prize winner trying to convince us that large doses vitamin C cured cancer? He was a respectable authority figure that was just plain wrong.
Dear reader, I give you two more words - Tom Cruise.

If Micheal Moore hates capitalism and people watch his films and largely agree with him, should I believe that every American is a gun toting, sicko? Probably, I’ve watched Cops a few times, that’s a good a documentary as any.

If everyone believes in the same things like Reeboks, Amnesty International and floating exchange rates, who am I am to argue with them? I’m not the crowd. Though, isn’t the wisdom of crowds the right answer every time? Like that crowd in Seattle that fought that nascent battle, they showed wisdom then, right? Right.

Seth Godin’s point is that as an individual we allow ourselves to believe things because we are shaped by those around us. Whether it’s someone carrying on the tradition of Halloween, producing well researched film documentaries or a baby jesus freak preaching the word of the Bible, everyone can shape our views and thoughts.

Hell, Seth does it all the time. His readers must be pretty closed minded right?

My point is that while I prefer the “Trust No One” approach of the X-Files, you can meet the world half way. What is it you are trying to tell me world? Electrons cause electric shocks?

Jesus saves?

I’ll meet you half way.

The lies about Jesus are shocking.

Brand Wars, robot style

Hakopa is right. Coke is better than Pepsi, as is BK over Mickey Dees.


The Eiffel Tower is however, way cooler than Big Ben, which is basically just a big giant fucking clock to wake the Queen.

Guest Post: Optimus Prime

My good buddy, The Fearless Leader of the Autobots, took the time to write a guest post for this site. It's a contemplation on his life, and how he's lived it. As you can see, he's put in a fair bit of effort.

Optimus Prime's Guest Post:

Fuck you, Megatron

End Guest Post

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Fish are Friends, Not Food: The Smiling Great White Shark

Great White Sharks have a bad reputation with swimmers and other ocean dwellers. You can thank Mr Steven Speilberg's Jaws film, the 3 sequels and few bad rip offs for that. The kids film Finding Nemo finally showed that Great White's had been horribly misaligned as the oceans's bad boys. Bruce's line, "Fish are friends, not food" proved almost beyond doubt that these sharks were indeed friendly.  

Now an ocean photographer, Amos Nachoum, has shown the Jaws was wrong and Nemo was indeed right. Great White Sharks are friends! Check out this picture of a supposedly 14 foot Great White appearing to smile for the camera. Those razor sharp pearly whites seem especially friendly! 

The shark was snapped in this unusual pose near Guadalupe Island off Mexico's Pacific coast. Maybe he just wanted the diver to check for baby seal in his teeth?

Check out this orca whale flipping a pseudo orca in the air!

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Cry "Google!" and let slip the dogmatix of search engines

Today I noted google has a new logo. While it’s not as classy as the Salma Heyak one, it certainly reminded me of good times in primary school reading about the tiny Gaul, Asterix, and his big fat friend, Obelix.

The Adventures of Asterix were a series of French comic strips written by RenĂ© Goscinny and illustrated by Albert Uderzo. As a kid in primary school, these books were the most sought after in the library - Tintin was the rival.

Uderzo took over the job of writing the series after the death of Goscinny in 1977. The Adventures of Asterix series first appeared in French in the magazine Pilote on 29 October 1959 so given it's the same date but 2009 it looks by changing their search engine logo, Google is celebrating 50 years since Asterix and Obelix first battled the Roman Empire!

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I wonder if Metallia's Little Dog is about Dogmatix?

U2 Shakes up the Internet

So like this evening I watched the U2's Los Angeles Rose Bowl show that was broad cast live around the world through youtube (U2tube..) The show itself was pretty cool with lots of new songs and a fair mix of the hits (old and new) with a mighty Until the End of the World being a highlight for me. Unknown Caller was pretty darn good too.

The technical side of things must have been a production in itself. The stream I had was perfect with good sound quality and minimal buffering required. There were 100,000 LA fans present - how many million were tuned in via youtube I dunno but google/youtube's servers must have served terrabytes and terrabytes of data!

The U2 show was a first in many ways - there have been plenty of live broadcasts before but this one is on a massive scale using some of the leading technology.

This means it was probably a branding exercise for Youtube. How many fans who have never used Youtube suddenly found out all about the website after coming to watch the concert? (I realise youtube is huge but I'm sure some people have never heard of it?)

It also works for U2 as well - one could by the new album via a link on the channel which took the follower to U2's Itunes sales medium.

So has this concert changed the content model? Will people be more content to sit at home and watch Bono preach at them on their 40 inch tv? Probably not, but more people might be inclined to tune in and follow their fave artists tour. Time will tell - look for what happens when the Rolling Stones tour next!

Major world events etc can also be used in this medium. Streamed Olympic Games anyone? Meetings of world leaders? When the aliens finally land? and the obvious - movie and television shows.

TV execs and the like must be quietly crapping their pants as they watched - here was premium content being delivered for free with bugger all adverting. Facebook had a little look in....there were no adds during the broadcast at all. HBO suddenly becomes a little redundant when the next Sopranos is shown via the internet only eh?

The Ultimate ODST Firefight Survival Guide

halo odst trailer still of a brute

The Ultimate ODST Firefight Survival Guide

Halo 3 ODST’s new Firefight mode can be a bit of a handful. Hunters and Angry Hammer Carrying Brutes make for the ultimate smack down in which you can pit your Halo skills against the Covenants reign of pain.

In the quest for points and achievements, there’s a few things you can do to get the edge over the Grunts with the Cannons and those damn swarming drone buggers The Master Chief is not around to bail you out, it's up to you soldier! Check out the ultimate strategy guide for surviving ODST’s Firefight:

Who’s on my side?

Try and play as a group. 3 is not a crowd. Three is a mini army. If there are 4 of you, consider pairing up for map coverage and to try and disperse the enemy. The opportunities that 4 players have over one are quite numerous. They’re called assists for a reason. Tag team the Brutes. One player does the head shot after another has done the plasma shot burst etc. Watch for friendly fire. Don’t go throwing grenades willy nilly.

Comm Chatter

There’s no point running round like a grunt who’s lost his Elite. Talk on your mikes with your team mates, let them know what you’re up to and what the plan is. At the very least you can warn someone there’s a Jackal sneaking up on them.

You do not have a Camping Permit, so move along

Like Halo multiplayer, if you camp for too long in one spot you will get found out. Unless you have eyes in the back of your recon helmet, moving around will help you keep up with your situational awareness e.g. while on the move, there’s more chance of you finding a team mate in need of some back up.

odst halo

Keep away from the Phantom drop ships

At the beginning of each wave, a Phantom drop ship delivers some fresh meat in the from of Covenant troops. Don’t be a hero, Timmy – The Phantom's turrets will blast you back to Reach. Of course, you could just jump in with the rockets as the Covenant forces jump out… it’s a risky business though.

Lethal Weapon Management

Don’t rush and grab the rockets or Spartan laser and waste 8 grunts with it. Save the heavy fire for when the Angry Brute with the Hammers turn up. Be ready for the drones buggers as well. They need a handy weapon like a plasma rifle or the Suppressed SMG to take ‘em out. Brutes are an easy take down with a fully charged plasma burst, followed by a headshot with the M6 pistol. Do that action 10 times in Firefight at you can get the ‘My Clothes!’ Achievement.
Know your Map’s choke points

Always know where the critical parts of the map are. 

Learn where you can stand your ground with relative safety. 

Know the choke point where Covenant tend to gather. 

Know where you can duck for cover to allow your ODST soldier a chance to recover. Also be aware where the health packs, ammo, weapons, vehicles, and covenant drop off points are. This knowledge will help you to make fast decisions on the fly. 

You will learn this stuff as you play Firefight so don’t be overly concerned about it all but when you have the wrong weapon and you can hear the Drone Bugger’s whispers getting louder… you better know where the SMG is located!

Fuel Rod Carrying Covenant and the Beastly Brute Chieftains suck
Grunts or Brutes armed with Fuel Rod Guns can pawn you in one shot. 

If you can, eliminate them as soon as possible in the battle. In the heat of the Firefight you can sometimes can overlook that it’s a Grunt carrying the cannon. 

Listen for the sounds, you might here them before you see them, other wise you’re bantha, cannon fodder.

Jump! Jump!

When being chased by a hammer menacing Brute and you know he’s about to go all MC Hammer on your ass, jump in the air. 
This will help create some distance between you and the damage splash radius of the Hammer, lessening the potential health damage and giving you a chance to turn and get off a sticky grenade or rocket. 

This trick can help when Fuel Rods are being fired at you too!

Lethal Weapon Management Two: Brutes and Plasma Shots

As you advance through the sets in Firefight, more skulls are turned on, and the pistol and SMG begin to have minimal effect on a charging Brute. 

At this stage in the game, try to carry an anti-brute weapon. 

The most handy weapon is a plasma pistol. 

It’s the MacGyver knife of the Halo Universe as you can combine it with just about any single shot weapon for a follow up head shot. Needlers are also very effective against Brute, though again on the harder sets, your enemies can be quite good at dodging the needles - still you are keeping yourself at a safe distance and thus surviving!

odst halo 3 soliders

You are not Mohammed Ali

Your melee punch does not sting the Covenant like a bee. Only use melee when it tight spots and you have no choice. Pulling off a boncruncher to the back of a Brute’s skull is nearly impossible so try not to deliberately set yourself up for it. If you must, a safer strategy is to soften them up with artillery fire first. In the next trick though, it’s a vital strategy!

Use weak enemies to get health when “Black Eye” skull is active

When the “Black Eye” skull is turned on, you and your fellow fire-fighters do not regain health when hit by enemies. 

You must melee punch an enemy bring your health back up. When the opportunity presents itself, let a Covenant enemy such as a Jackal run up to you so that you and your team can take advantage of the situation. 

The Black Eye skull period is also a good time to use The Hammer as that can be used in place of your fist of rage...

Take this Grenade and eat it!

Good use of grenades will help you rack up the combos. 

Throw one into a crowd of Grunts and give them a hail of gun fire. In close quarters with a Brute who’s committed to throwing a spike grenade at you, return the favour with a sticky of your own. 

Often a simple jump closer to the Brute will allow you to dodge their missile and increase the chance of you.

chopper vs brute lost platoon odst map

In for some Chop

Choppers are an obvious tool in the sandbox that can be used in Lost Platoon. You can run riot and be nearly invincible with the thing. One crazy dude played a game for 21 hours using it - hence people getting grumpy about chopper abuse. I say, "whatever". 

Sometimes you can die though and if you are playing single Lost Platoon, your ODST soldier is in for some chop himself running round without protection. A trick I figured out is to park a spare Chopper in your respawn room. 

You often see 'spare' choppers lying around so feel free to grab one, hide and then get pack to your original or take down another Brute riding a chopper with the plasma pistol and the Prophet of Truth is your uncle - when you die, you spawn right next to a chopper. Pretty handy if you're in the middle of a Hunter raid!

Finally, here’s a good survival tip from Lars Barken, one of the legends of Bungie and ODST’s Senior Designer.

Your Firefight is down to ‘no lives remaining’ and you’re the last ODST left. How do you stay alive long enough to bring the Squad back?

“The best way to stay alive in that dire situation is to fall back to a safe position on the map, usually the area you spawn in. From there, try to systematically take out the Covenant as they come to your position. You'll get overrun, but you're much better off trying to tackle them in smaller numbers. Make them come to you.”

I think that’s a great point and I’ve found this survival strategy works quite well in the close quarters of the Alpha Site map.
So, there’s a few things to think about in this ‘Ultimate ODST Firefight Survival Guide’. Employing some of the tricks and strategies will lengthen your game time, leading to more points, more achievements and more fun.

What tricks to you have to make Firefight more fun? Leave some ideas in the comments section!
About this strategy guide: I’m not a leet player by any means, and play to have fun and love the adventures the Halo universe offers. The guide was inspired by other people on who know a thing or two. I’ve written ideas I’ve found into more of a friendly style and added my own spin and thoughts too. Any problems, see The Superintendent!

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Extra for Experts: What's Bungie Aerospace all about?

A prime Texts From Last Night txt

(718): what happened last night?
(917): u kept telling him to fuck u optimus prime style
(718): that explains why his roommate kept saying autobots roll out
this morning as i left

Will Transformers 3 suck ass?

Transformers 1 and 2 script writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have bailed from writing the plot for the third Transformers movie.

Orci confirmed that he and Kurtzman are out by posting on the message board of Transformers producer Don Murphy.

Does that means that Ehren Kruger, who also worked on the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen script, will be going it alone the third? Probably.

The real question, however, is will Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon suck ass with out these guys?

Probably not so much - I think this is good news for Transformers fans as Orci and Kurtzman pretty much phoned in the script of Transformers 2 – with the writer’s strike and all they didn’t really focus on the plot and came up with a considered piece of…. well it’s not hard to write fight here, fight there, battle there, hot chick on bike there, robot battle over here etc..

As long as Ehren Kruger is able to keep Micheal at bay from the silliness that crept in in T2, fans should rest easy....ish.

We do know Orci and Kurtzman have talent, their Star Trek script was pretty much on the money, and T1 rocked the house – so now they’ll be able to give the second Trek movie the proper focus, T2 should have received.

Meanwhile, director Michael Bay has confirmed that he will shoot the Transformers film for a release date of July 1, 2011.

Every man and his robot has an opinion these days, here’s my take on what the Transformers Plot Should Be.

And here's some Dark of the Moon quotes from Transformers

How to add a customised Re Tweet button to your blog

So Tweetmeme offer a great piece of html to put on your blog posts so that a button appears that readers can easily click to tweet your message to the world... to the world! Any respectable Search Engine Optimisation expert will tell you you need to use social media to get anywhere these days. I'm not one of them, I'm just a hack and I'm still telling you.....

Tweetmeme has the standard retweet button:

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://tweetmeme.com/i/scripts/button.js"></script>

Or the Compact Button Version which makes the button small:

<script type="text/javascript">
tweetmeme_style = 'compact';
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://tweetmeme.com/i/scripts/button.js"></script>

However, when using this html, the Twitter account name that goes with the tweet is Tweetmeme's. Luckily, the good people that they are, they realised this is not what the masses want and have provided the following html coding to allow you to sub in your own twitter name:

<script type="text/javascript">
tweetmeme_url = 'http://yoururl.com';
tweetmeme_source = 'talktweetmeme';

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://tweetmeme.com/i/scripts/button.js"></script>

So when users retweet this button, your twitter account is the one displayed. This is handy for tracking retweets as well as you can simply follow what happens on your own twitter account.

It's a pretty handy step, as the button the code produces is also nice and subtle and can be placed in most parts of a web page (e.g. to put it at the foot of a post in a Blogger template, copy the html to just below the html line "<div class='post-footer'>" in the 'Expand Widget Templates' section of Blogger).


There is always a but - you can't have the compact code with the own tweet code. You might say, "that's crap Jimmy Jangles!" Never fear, dear reader, there is a solution to customise the Re Tweet button:

What if you want the combine the compact html AND the your own twitter name AND have the page title displayed?

Then try this little mangle of html code I whipped up in the kitchen:

<script type='text/javascript'>
tweetmeme_style = &#39;compact&#39;; tweetmeme_source = &#39;jimmyjangles&#39;; </script> <script src='http://tweetmeme.com/i/scripts/button.js' type='text/javascript'/> <div/>

Make sure you substitute jimmyjangles with your own twitter name!
Does it work? Check out my experiments with this code at The Spaghetti Incident?

As above, I said I'm no SEO ace, but I've learnt a few things so I'm passing them on. Here's my Angels and Demons Guide to high page rankings in Google, proof that Search Engine Optimisation works and will some one please answer the question, What Would Matt Cutts Do?

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The Angels and Demons Guide to high rankings on Google via SEO

angels and demons dan brown seo guide

The Angels and Demons Guide to high rankings on Google via Search Engine Optimisation tricks

So you have a website and you think it’s a better read than Dan Brown’s new novel 'The Lost Symbol' but unlike Dan Brown’s 100 million plus readers you have 6. What do you do?

Applying this simple Angels and Demons Guide to high search engine rankings will help you get that reader recognition you deserve!

SEO Angels:
  • Write page turners. People read The Da Vinci Code because it was a gripping yarn and went down well with a well made homebrewed beer. Dan Brown offers puzzles and then helped the reader along by solving them. Your blog writing needs to help the reader along too – help them solve their problem by giving them a recipe for your grandmother’s cake or how to take down the Illuminati. No one cares what you ate for breakfast.
  • Link to things that are useful. Dan Brown is always giving you the facts with a twist. Angels who link to useful information are sharing the link love and are rewarded by Google with better ranking placement on its result pages.
  • Remind your readers and Google who you are. Dan Brown constantly refers to Robert Langdon’s Mickey Mouse wristwatch to remind the reader the way the character thinks. Internal linking with in your posts using appropriate anchor text helps Google understand what’s important on your site and what makes it tick. When I tell Google that this page is a U2 Concert Set List from New Jersey, it under stands the context way better than “this is my blog”. The more specific the internal link, the better Google likes it.
  • Every one of your posts needs an awesome title post to capture the reader’s attention. Angels and Demons? I’ll bite. The Lost Symbol? Sure, I’ll find that. Will your readers bite with a post called “Scone Recipe”? No, so be an angel and title it “Scones that taste better than that of 1000 Grandmothers!” You get what I mean right? Add the butter!
  • Dan Brown is a demon at creating good imagery. And so should your posts, fill them with pictures to give the read better context about what you’re telling them. At the least it breaks up the text and gives your site a little colour. Google also likes to index pictures and will send visitors your way. Remember, filling in a description of the picture using the "alt” tags is good SEO practice! (if using Blogger check the 'Edit HTML' button in the post writing section and find the tag once you have imported your picture into the post).
SEO Demons:
  • Dan Brown is maligned by the critiques for producing some really odd sentence structures. “The famous man looked at the red cup” arguments apply to your website pages. Make them reader friendly. Don’t be a demon by filling your pages with random keywords. Readers want easy to read pager turners!
  • Every Dan Brown novel as a twist. Don’t be a Leigh Teabing and turn on your hero (readers!) by going trying to kill them with gross amounts of advertising, special offers and non related info. Stay on target with your message. Readers will come to your site for the tea and not the killer cognac.
  • Demons wear black hats and robes. Don’t be a demon. Don’t be tempted to do any of the dodgy tricks that you might find on the internet. Google will see through you faster than you saw the plot holes of The Lost Symbol and penalise you for it. Stick to good white hat practices and the Angels will show you the way to higher Google rankings.
  • Dan Brown created the current puzzle solving mystery band wagon. Don’t be a demon and bluff your way through with a rip off of his plots. Don’t copy another’s work, write your own. In a similar vein, if a news event inspires you, don’t simply re post it, add your own original thinking to it. Some blogs attract terrific readerships by simply providing wise commentary on the news events of the day. Are you up to it?
  • Don't cast an invisible spell on your text. You might be thinking, 'Hey! A good use of keywords is good seo and the more I fit on the page the better AND if I hide them I can fit more on the page!'. Wrong! Google knows this lil trick and will penalise your page if you do this.
Employing the hints and tricks in this guide is a simple and effective way to get some love from the Google search engine. I know, I do them myself with good SEO results!

Got any more Angel or Demon like beer making tips? Leave a note in the comments!

Extra for Experts:

Check out the article I wrote for Twitip I was inspired to write after the idea I had for this post. The Angels and Demons Guide to Good Twitter Etiquette gives some simple advice on some good practices for twittering. Lemmeno what you think!

John Key's Top Ten on Letterman

New Zealand's Prime Minister John Key is also the Minister of Tourism. Us 'Kiwis' need tourist bucks to help fund our life styles so Mr Key thought he would do some promo work while he was visiting Mr Obama and the UN Conference. And what better way to do promo work than getting onto David Letterman's Late Show to do his Top Ten. While John was no Britney Spears, he did ok!
John Key's Top Ten on Letterman
10 The Auckland Airport now has a cinnabon
9 We have the loosest slot machines in the Pacific Rim
8 Only a convenient 20-hour flight away
7 It’s like England without the attitude
6 Down there Leno’s on at 9 o’clock
5 Get the whanau together, stay in a bach, crack open the chilly bin and slap on your jandals
4 Visit in the next 30 days, I’ll pick you up at the Airport
3 70% of our energy is generated through renewable hydropower – look they don’t all have to be jokes
2 We drive on the left side of the road, like the British and Lindsay Lohan
1 Unlike most of the world, we still like Americans!

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Jimmy Jangles reviews Halo 3:ODST

So as I did with Halo 3, I went and got my hands on ODST at midnight. I arrived at EB Games early was confronted with lots of teenagers with acne, Lord of the Rings fans and a seriously troubling amount of goatee beards. What singled me out from them? Perhaps it was my mum didn't drop me off...

So with two bottles of V, and a packet of Twisties I was set to jump in and be a ... Helljumper.

Game setting: Heroic, No skulls. Attitude: keen to explore a little, keeping it clean, mostly interested in the story.

The Review:

An interesting opening scene falls way to a very dull start. Walk around Mombassa, find a few things, shoot a few things. The real action of ODST is the vignettes where the Rookie (you)You get to play in the scenes the Rookie is piecing together traces what has gone on in the past 6 hours. Bungie step up big time in this regard and deliver some remarkably fun set pieces to play. Blowing up bridges, heavy defence scenarios, sniping, strange looking creatures and decent enemy AI means some seriously fun engagments. I did however find wandering through Mombassa slow going and quite dull at times. If I had to call fault on one thing, it's how Bungie consistently fail to decent face detail for their human characters in the Halo series.

halo odst battle shot
The music was very different to previous Halo games. There was no cast back to previous Halo themes here. When playing as the Rookie, the music was moody with saxophones. When belting out the pain to attacking Brutes and Hunters the music was punchy.

The plot evolves around a secret mission that is foisted on the Rookie and his team. It's not explained till the very end why everything is happening and its hardly anything to write home about but it's nice in its own way. A small payoff at the cut scene following the credit roll will make some fans happy.

Overall I found ODST to be a remarkably solid game. It took me around 8 hours which seemed long enough. Playing through on Legendary will take some patience as there are some tough battle scenarios to run a through and some Libraryesque levels near the end. Playing this game feels like Halo 2 perhaps should have - all the benefits of the bells and whistles of the third with an OK ending. It has big repeat value and the addition of Firefight!

Fans of Halo will probably enjoy this game a fair bit. If you are a noob, I suggest you check out Halo 3 before you try ODST.

P.S. Did anyone figure what whvidldshbyjsdo is in reference to yet?

P.P.S Check out the leaked campaign pictures of Halo: Reach

Check out my review of Halo 6.

U2 Boston Set List

U2 Night Two Boston Set List

September 21, 2009

Second Night for Irish Rockers U2 at Gillette Stadium, Boston, MA resulted in a few changes from the previous set lists. Breathe was dropped as the opener (yay, me thinks its a weak song). A bit of 'Stories for Boys', from U2's first album Boy, was added to the end of Vertigo. Some lines from 'Mofo' (off Pop) were sung by Bono during Blinding Lights. Until the End of the World was played at this show and not the U2's first night in Boston.

U2 Boston Set List Night 2:

Magnificent, No Line On The Horizon, Get On Your Boots, Mysterious Ways, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Elevation, Your Blue Room, Beautiful Day, Unknown Caller, Until the End of the World, Stay (Faraway, So Close), The Unforgettable Fire, City of Blinding Lights, Vertigo - Stories for Boys, I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (remix), Sunday Bloody Sunday, MLK, Walk On, One - Amazing Grace, Where the Streets Have No Name
Encore songs: Ultraviolet, With or Without You, Moment of Surrender
The Sauce also noted that Bono wore his infamous MacPhisto horns....