Share and share a like I say

Today I found two sites I felt I needed to share. I hardly ever share like this so run, don't walk to them*.


Zombo Com It is the most useless site in the entire history of the internet. It is also the most useful.


Cranial Soup A well written blog on html tricks, using the web like a pro with an understated sense of humour. * Stole this from this.


Do you, dear read have any blogs to share? Leave a note in the comments. No with no follow removed. Bless me, for I am a giver.  

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App said...

Thanks for the link love!

But my blog (Cranial Soup) really isn't about html tricks.

It's a real mixed bag of stuff. I just post whatever happens to pop into my mind that I feel needs posting somewhere, that doesn't fit into the subject of any of my other blogs. It's kind of my personal catch-all...links, thoughts, my art, snips of various types of code, rants, etc.