Proof that Search Engine Optimisation Works

But first, what is Search Engine Optimisation? (SEO) In a nutshell it is preparing your website page so that the google search engine (or other - but face it, google own the market) considers your page to be shown higher than another site's page when someone uses a search term peculiar to your page.

Here's the proof that Search Engine Optimisation works: The Optimus Prime Experiment's site traffic stats, pre and post learning and implementing SEO techniques. You can see they had almost immediate affect from March 2008 onwards:

the optimus prime experiment proof seo works

I trundled along for a few years, just doing my own thing, with the odd friendly reader here and there. No complaints, the blog is mainly for me and Optimus Prime to share a few in jokes and maybe make the odd dollar or two (other sites I have are more for that). I went to the Easter Rock to Wellington when Alice Cooper played and posted the set lists on The Spaghetti Incident and hundreds of people came to visit and I was away. I doubt my 'loyal' readership has grown markedly over the past year, and that increase traffic is more do to with google liking my pages more!

I continue to write pages for myself and people I know, things that interest me like Optimus Prime, Halo and Cricket but when I do I try think how does google like things set out? -here's my What would Matt Cutts Do? post which highlights the things google really likes to find on a web page. Doing stuff like posting a Radiohead set list sure helped too! SEO it and they will come. Hey, do you like the lyrics Green Day's Revolution Radio album?

Sometimes I try and write link bait (based on things I like to write about) and have had mild success - see 101 Tips for Life from Optimus Prime as an example! This of course does suggest you have to write about want people want to read about too! SEO alone is not a magic button you can just press. 

Here's a post on how not to do SEO!

And yes, this post is totally not SEO optimal....


Ms Constantine said...

I spy a ProBlogger 31 day to BBB participant?

JJ said...

Nope, though I do follow darren on twitter @problogger

Ross said...

Is it me, or does the number of returning visitors keep dropping?

Jimmy Jangles said...

I checked the statcounter, the numbers are fairly static.

it suggests my loyal readership base is not expanding....

could also be a asked statcounter to stop logging visits from certain IP addresses such as home.