allo beatle

Allo beatle, beetle or beagle, what brings you here ? Nude pix of Rhianna ? Sorry luv, this is a family web log.

Speaking of webs, how's Charlotte?

Why do u have to use fly spray to kill
Spiders? Isn't that kind of counter intuitive - as u would not have fly spray in the first place if the spiders did their job?

And what about lamp shades Scott? Ps did u get the map Scott ? Also can I borrow your big bucket, I'm going to have a big weekend. I have circus practice.

I'll juggle an elephant, bmw and three cheer leaders for peanuts.

See u round Charlie Brown.

1 comment:

SAS said...

Why would lamps wear shades? It's like rain wearing an umbrella, or a gun wearing a bullet proof vest..

I don't need maps because I have an iPhone.

You just need a bucket or a hose bro.

If you're having a big weekend, make sure you have a big salad.