Wendy Petrie Fist Pump David Bain Trial

Below is Wendy Petrie the video (not playing) that TVNZ apparently had removed from Youtube. The above is a different service.

So that's Wendy Petrie giving a fist pump during the David Bain trial news feeds. Everyone was a twitter that she was signalling her joy that David Bain was found not guiltly. Which is not the case as she is clearly just telling the talking head in the studio that the verdict is about to come.

So she is simply fist pumping that the feed went well!

wendy petrie fist pump

I am very surprised David Bain was found not guilty, as the circumstancial evidence appears to have pointed in only one direction. The jury clearly did not see it that way, believing reasonable doubt existed. 

I would love to know what the jury thought that meant (they actually had to ask the judge) - apparently NZ law prevents jurours from telling cases as they saw it to the media.  Of course like the entire NZ population less twelve jurors, I haven't followed every inch of the case so I'm guilty of trial by media as the best of them.

On hearing the verdict I opined the jury was probably a bunch of people who failed School C and had time to sit on juries but it appears there were a few people with degrees which gives me some confidence the Bain jury were at the least not muppets

David Farrar does a round up about what he thinks are the things the jury had to have thought about to convict or not. Trial by blog is too easy, but this does paint a fair picture of what the jurors thought David or his Father did or didn't do.

I wonder what they would have thought if they had known about the 'rape' evidence that was suppressed. People will be talking about that for years to come.

What irks me about the commentary I've seen around the interwebz is how many people think David Bain was found innocent. People like Paul Holmes's sub editor should know better. David was found not guilty, and this was probably only because the jury could not be sure about their er.. convictions on the matter. There was no evidence to suggest David was innocent, rather not enough to prove he was guilty and therefore could only be found not guilty. 

Update: "I shot the prick,'' David Bain is alleged to have said these words in the famous 111 call. The Supreme Court has released a document exmplaing why this recording could not be considered as evidence for Bain's trial. The document clearly shows why the recording could not be used as evidence where noted linguistics, blind to the suggestion of what was said, could not come up with "I shot the prick" as being what recorded.

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