Does a flamingo forget how to fly?

Instant Kiwi Doug and Mexican Doug Quotes

I reckon this Doug Instant Kiwi add campaign has struck a chord with New Zealand's conscious not seen since that guy jumped up the bridge to capture the trout.

Doug is this odd chap that works in an appliance store. His alter ego, Mexi-Doug gives him advice on how to achieve his goals such as how to get a cool haircut (a perm), getting the last biscuit before the pregnant lady gets it or how to score with the ladies.

The add is very qutoable, people are using them at my office and on face book. Here's some of the Mexi-Doug Quotes:

Good for you Douglas, get a perm. Get a perrrmm!
Does a flamingo forget how to fly?
Do it Doug, live a little
Women, you all look awesome today
Now we wait.
Commuters sing in the car, legends sing in the bus
The time for biscuit is upon us!
She know's what she's talking about.
Here's the add that started it all off, Douglas's perm.
Does a flamingo forget how to fly? That is not a dance floor Doug, that is your destiny:

Mexi Doug also made the news:

the time for biscuit

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