NLOTH gets Site links, Jimmy confused as usual

So like some people who, I think know a think or two, are really happy when their web sites are bestowed 'site links' by the behemoth that is Google. Page rank indeed.

So it was with a huge surprise when a lil site of mine that simply exists to provide U2's Lyrics to No Line on the Horizon got site links:

Click to make bigger!

What surprises me is that this is just a wee lil site with not much attention paid to it and it gets site links within 6 months where as long established sites like The Optimus Prime Experiment (5 years) or The Spaghetti Incident? (3) get nothing... Hey what gives Google?

So I wonder why the site links only come up for the search term "u2 lyrics no line on the horizon" but not "no line on the horizon lyrics u2", where as "no line on the horizon lyrics" do - but they are different site links from the other term.

So my theory is it's not the page name, its the search term that produces site links. So instead of typing in The Spaghetti Incident into the google search box, I add that term plus set list and lo and behold the search term "the spaghetti incident set list" produces site links for the site. They are site links for the last few months - so this further suggests that it has something to do with the structure of the site as well. I also suspect it has something to do with having the number one ranking for the search term.

Any one have any ideas on how this really works?

And in case any one is wondering, here's U2's Set List from their gig in Barcelona!

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