Wibbling Rivalry too much for Noel

So I go away for the weekend and Noel Gallagher quits Oasis. I am never leaving the house again in case U2 break up.

It appears there was a bit too much Wibbling Rivalry in the band the resurrected rock roll in Great Britannia with Noel stating "People will write and say what they like, but I simply could not go on working with Liam a day longer."

Tis a shame really, Don't Believe the Truth and Dig Out Your Soul had proved to the fans that Oasis were a band who had recovered their creative form and were delivering some top songs such as Lyla and I'm Outta Time and Falling Down.

So now we get to await the long wished for, Noel Gallagher solo album. I bet he's got a truck load of songs hidden in a box somewhere. Look for a solo album with a whole lot of Paul Weller on it....

What about Oasis and its three remaining members? I expect the record company will push the greatest hits numbers from know on and maybe release a B-sides album. Liam has become come into his own as a song writer and Gem probably has a few songs up his sleeve. Would a Noelless Oasis album be any good? Maybe time will tell.

Anyway, it's a big late in the midnight hour for me, in a bit.

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Jay Smith said...

So sad there leaving