Lingerie Football League: Better than other stuff!

lingerie football babe

Roll over woman's Beach Volley Ball, there's a new kid in town and her name is Lingerie Football League Coming to you all lace like from Miami, Florida, the Lingerie Football League is exactly as its name suggests: football and lingerie.

Oh, and it's a serious football competition....

Here's some pictures which show just how serious it can be. Why... they have helmets and shoulder pads and bras. Lingerie Football League will certainly give a new meaning to getting your knickers in a twist...

lingerie football model

It's important to stretch those case the buns get tight.

Thousands of women play organised games of American Football across the United States in amateur teams wearing conventional uniforms, and receiving lzero commercial interest. So like the woman's volley ball profession realised you need to show a lil skin, here comes gridiron's secret formula to success, the LFL....

Here's some pictures of the ladies of the Lingerie Football Leauge in.. err scoring mode:

High tackle in a pink bikini! Foul!

lingerie pink bikini

Clash of the Lingerie Wearing Titans...

After the game, the girls of lingerie football don't sit down for a beer, they stand up for a pash and make out sessions. It's a great warm down apparently..

lingerie football girls kissing

Oh wait, here's some more pictures !

Yellow Lingerie. What else is there? Girls in red and purple bikinis?

lingerie football players bikini

They can kick the ball too...

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