Is there a war somewhere?

Would this photo showing the effects of a bomb blast in Iraq help? This was a car bomb attack in the city of Baqouba.

I found this photo in the NZ Herald's Photo of the Day section, not the world news section. Curious, I googled for a bomb blast in Baqouba and found bugger all results in the news section. Does the world not care? (Baqouba is also spelt with out the O.... the same results happen without the O).

What's the real tragedy? Everyone appears bored of  The War (whichever one it is today) and the lack of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Everyone is sick of Afghanistan and all its ills. No one is fact checking any more. No one is fisking the Robert Fisk's of this world.

The reason the picture made the Herald and all the other newspapers in the world was because it is a classic photo. It's got nice colours, like the Wiggles do - and those colours may symbolize a supposed loss of innocence which makes for awesome photo journalism but we all know Iraq lost that a long time ago.

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