Roller Derby - Stop Drop and Roll

I'm spinning around.....
If this is what the referees wear to the roller derby, imagine what the players wear.. OK you don't - here's some shots from the Stop Drop and Roll derby event held at Wellington's TSB Arena / Queen's Wharf last night (July 24). It was a fun event to watch, not nearly as vicious or violent as some people seem to make out but there were still plenty of thrills and spills!

roller derby girls

Wearing some sexy and not so sexy hot pink, here's the winning team Brutal Pageant who turned around a slow second half into a runaway victory at the end.

smash malice roller girls

Above: Smash Malice - though they lost, they appeared to be the more skillful team all up!

Note to self - do not try a reverse Moonwalk mid race or this happens:

Kiri Te Karnage has her fans...stalkers...well wishers...

Indeed on the Facebook page, Kiri Te Karnage said "Thanks to everyone who came - there was close on 4000 of you!!! The biggest NZ Roller Derby (maybe even Australasia....) audience EVER!"

Some videos!

If you are interested in joining a roller derby team - here's how to get hold of the Richter City Rollers: Contact them through their website, or stalk em via Facebook or Twitter. They also hold Freshmeat and Greet evenings on the last Wednesday of every month where you can go and chat to real people.

All the professionally looking Images were sourced here - plenty more to check out!


Movies at Midnight said...

Thanks for posting the great photos and clips. New Jersey has an awesome roller derby scene, with a few teams that put on a great show.

Jimmy Jangles said...

Was a cool night!