Dark Side of the Moon

So I was chatting to Optimus Prime about the third documentary Michael Bay is making about the Autobot Leader's life, Transformers: Dark of the Moon and he said that Bay better not fuck it up like he did Revenge of the Fallen or he was gonna open a can of cyber-oil and shove it down his throat. To which I suggested we simply feed him to the sharkticons and save the oil, seeing how expensive it was. Prime said something about Spielberg had faith in the man and he was just joking. But I knew he wasn't.

I asked Oppie if he thought the documentary was going  to focus on the time Unicron came to town but he said, while that was a great battle he pointed out Rodimus Prime had refused to allow his image and likeness to be used so the documentary makers were going to focus on the time humans banned the Autobots from the planet. He then showed me a picture from that time which showed human sentiment about the Autobots:

Prime continued "Sometimes I felt like I was persecuted like Nelson Mandella was but, dear Jimmy Jangles, we made it through the dark period and now you can buy toy figures of me at the toy stores! I make 30 cents off every doll sold! I'm the richest Autobot ever!"

So I promptly reminded Prime rent was due and put on some Pink Floyd.  Louder than Words lyrics by Pink Floyd

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