Did you make her?

So I was checking through the analytics of my websites  (some of you have really interesting search terms) and I noticed that one day this month the Optimus Prime Experiment had one truly insane day for web visitors:

People usually come to The Optimus Prime Experiment to get advice from the Autobot Leader, look at pictures of sharks or check out chicks in bikinis playing football. But on this day google sent over 1500 odd more people to check out my Stair Way To Heaven Lyrics page. WTF? That's an OLD song! I began to wonder - had I finally optimised a page with Perfect SEO and this was my reward? Was this evidence of some evergreen content working?

People were entering the search term 'There's a lady who's sure all that glitters is gold' line from the song and ending up at this page. Why? I have no idea - certainly the phrase wasn't the subject of any news media recently - may be it was just one of those things, either way, it's nice to get a little bit of google love eh?

If only this would happen at my new site, Gears of Halo....

Here's a post on some pretty random ideas for SEO.

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