Cosplay, U2 and that's about it

optimus prime cosplay

So like it's time for a quick round up of what I've been up to internet wise. First up I've been going a lil crazy on the cosplay - here's some Barbarella featuring some cougar chick I've never heard of from Coronation Street doing her best Hanoi Jane impersonation. Joker's evil girlfriend Harley Quinn made a costumed appearance and so did the Transformers.  We also visited some of Halo Reach concept art from a range of artists.

U2 stopped being invisible for a moment and turned it up a notch and played a massive show in Mexico which featured a version of Zooropa.

A Dave at the Races: Winning A Trifecta

Here's a photo of my brother Dave and some of the rest of the clan - they are cheering because they are watching Dave's trifecta come home for the win - he also picked the first four home as well (called a quaddie) so he picked up a bit of cash in the last race of the day to make up for the tragic effort in the Pick Six!

If only I had listened to him.....