Cosplay, U2 and that's about it

optimus prime cosplay

So like it's time for a quick round up of what I've been up to internet wise. First up I've been going a lil crazy on the cosplay - here's some Barbarella featuring some cougar chick I've never heard of from Coronation Street doing her best Hanoi Jane impersonation. Joker's evil girlfriend Harley Quinn made a costumed appearance and so did the Transformers.  We also visited some of Halo Reach concept art from a range of artists.

U2 stopped being invisible for a moment and turned it up a notch and played a massive show in Mexico which featured a version of Zooropa.

A Dave at the Races: Winning A Trifecta

Here's a photo of my brother Dave and some of the rest of the clan - they are cheering because they are watching Dave's trifecta come home for the win - he also picked the first four home as well (called a quaddie) so he picked up a bit of cash in the last race of the day to make up for the tragic effort in the Pick Six!

If only I had listened to him.....

Weekend that Was: It's all sunshine

preying mantis eating butterfly

So like what's the deal with what's being going on in the Jimmy Jangles' universe? Well I suppose buying a house is blog worthy!

That's right me and Jay Bee are heading off to Karori. Where 30 somethings go to become adults and get dogs and stuff like that. It's gonna be awesome. There's like grass and a shed. Which means two things. Lawnmower and tools!! And probably dog shit.

For Easter, I went home to Hawke's Bay where I had a thoroughly fabulous time with the Te Whanau at the Hastings Races where I managed to lose only 25 bucks and eat of lot of man style bacon and egg pie. Nice baking Mum!

Prince Wills got Married over the weekend. I reminisced over the time I met Wills. I love how post Royal wedding, this post about Prince Harry's Scandals has risen up in the stats.

Had a visit with The Manatee yesterday- he's been scaring elephants and getting mugged in Tanzania. We had breakfast at The Jetty in Petone for which I recommend the eggs benedict with the ham option. The views are great on a sunny day!

Internet wise, blogs are going well, Animals Eating Animals seems popular - in particular great white sharks and praying mantis each other seem to be of keen interest at the moment. World of Warcraft cosplay at Gears of Halo is the latest post over there.

What you kids been up to?

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