What do U2 sing about?


Here's some what I think are interesting articles' that I wrote which attempt to pull together some of the common themes and concepts in the songs that U2 have written.

It's clear Bono has some key areas of interest, America, love, MLK, Elvis and of course, religion and this has been well reflected in U2's number one albums.

* With love.

Lyrics to the 'This House is not for sale' album by Bon Jovi

Lyrics to the 'This House is not for sale' album by Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi's first full studio album since The Circle, This House is Not For Sale features classic Jon Bon Jovi lyrics. The first single from the album, was the name of the album! Good on ya Jon. 

The video for the song can be watched online here.

Lyrics and Track listing for This House is Not for Sale.

This House Is Not for Sale
Living With The Ghost
Labor Of Love
Born Again Tomorrow
New Year's Day
Devils In The Temple
Scars On This Guitar
God Bless This Mess
Come On Up To Our House

Bonus Tracks available with the digital purchase of the album.