Every Atom Draws Great Big Electrons

So like this is probably a you-had-to-be-there story but whatever....


I went to the music store the other day to get me some strings for my faithful Takamine guitar. I walk in and say to the hippy looking dude 'Hey dude, gimme some Martin Strings , low gauge please


'Sure dude, you want bronze or phosphorous?


Bluffing I say, 'I think I'll stick with the phosphorous, they give a rich tone


Hippy enthusiastically replies, 'Oh yeah man that's soooo true, these ones are great for the mids, you get great levels man!!!!!


The Jerry Garcia look-a-like seemed to think I know what I'm talking about and continues with an endless discourse about sonic principles and tonal qualities or something. I figured he'd smoked at least a kilo for lunch so I interupt. 


'Ah dude, I have no idea what you're talking about


'Oh? Really? These strings are sweet.
Got the strings home, chucked 'em on. Played gat for two minutes and broke the high E. It's a cruel world.



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