10 Questions

  • Why are Xbox 360 wireless connectors so damn expensive?
  • Will Pearl Jam's new album actually rock? Check out the lyrics to Pearl Jam's Lightning Bolt
  • How can Jason Gillespie score more in a single innings than an entire Black Caps innings?
  • Wishing Matty 'Skippy' Sinclair had of been picked instead of any one in the top order?
  • Should I have the Korma or Rogan Josh for lunch?
  • What's your Melbourne Cup pick?
  • Been poked in the face lately?
  • Or just poked?
  • Will Chinese Democracy ever be delivered?
  • What about the new GNR album?


Anonymous said...

no comment

His Whoreness said...

1. wired controllers are for poor people who went with the core system and therefore don't deserve an xbox360 at all
2. *yawns*
3. *nods off*
4. *snores*
5. Korma
6. I've only recently earned my invite to the Melbourne Cup festivities at the Aussie High Commission
7. No, despite my lifestyle choice
8. No, despite my lifestyle choice
9. *chokes*
10. *gags*


Jimmy Jangles said...

Jimmy was refering to wireless networks adaptors - our flat is going wireless !

Anonymous said...

who's coming to gizzy?
who's coming to my party?

His Whoreness said...

get the flat next door to go wireless and set the field so it stretches across to your flat - that way you get free internet

as for gizzy, we've already plans there my dear

as for your party, i've already tendered my apologies