This is more than you deserve

Let's talk about when technology goes horribly wrong: Could there be another Nintendo 64? And so sayethed the Ali G. Respect. Apparently. And there in lies the rhubarb. Go Buy an Xbox 360. Just don’t hate the player. Hate the skater hater’s haters hater hater. But just do it later. Et tu Brutus. West.side.massive. I fear this is a missive. Either way, I'm not on a mission from God.

Did you wander along the yellow brick road last night? Did you get lost Tin Man? High as a kite the Lion King might just stop to check you out. G / C G / C. Emerald City indeed.

But I have digressified, this is just pictures in the mirror. You know I tried to make you realise. I told you Hamish Marshall was no good. At least 007 The Monster is Loose! Oh to be a better man Robbie, doing all you can. I wish I was a Fat Dancer from Take that. Narrrtt!

Waiting, watching, its four o’clock, I’ve got to stop. Hakuna Matata.

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